Airis Turboo 510 Battery

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Airis Turboo 510 Battery

The Airis Turboo is an innovative and well-made cartridge battery device disguised to look like your average everyday key fob.

The Turboo replaces where the key would normally go with a universal versatile 510 connection that will accept some of the largest cartridges on the market including those up to 11.2mm in diameter.
The cartridge is housed inside the body of the Turboo's body for protection on the go. When ready to use, just press the top button, and your cartridge springs out of the body and is ready for use!
The Turboo houses a 450mAh internal battery and can be charged via Micro USB. It features variable voltage settings to use on a wide range of concentrates. It also features a pre-heat function that will pre-heat your cartridge at low voltage (1.8V) for 15 seconds. This is great to make thicker oils easier to vape on. The Turboo is perfect to take with you on the go, its design protects the cartridge while also keeping it concealed and out of sight so it is the perfect stealthy vape to have with you.


  • Ultra Discreet Key Fob Cartridge Battery
  • Compact Size; Pocket-friendly and Easy to Travel With
  • Universal 510 Thread Connection
  • Supports 510 Cartridges up to 11.2mm in Diameter
  • Variable Voltage Control
  • 3.4V(Green), 3.7V(Blue), and 4.2V(Red)
  • LED Power Light Indicator: Tells you what voltage is currently in use and if the device is powered on. Also shows you if the device is in pre-heat
  • Pre-heat Function: 15-sec heat-up time
  • Easy One-button Operation

Package Contents: 

  • 1x Airis Turboo 510 Battery
  • 1x Micro USB Cable
  • 1x Key Chain Lanyard

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