Cartisan Ego Spinner 1600mah

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Cartisan Ego Spinner 1600mah

The Cartisan Ego Spinner 1600mah is a simple variable voltage battery with eGo and 510 threading that comes with everything you need to begin vaping your cartridge. The voltage settings are easy to change by twisting the bottom dial. This twist battery includes a skirt adapter so it can be used with an eGo threaded tank or any 510 cartridge and still look great. The adjustable dial on the device goes from 3.3V to 4.8V. This Cartisan Spinner Vape Pen has a 1600mah battery cell. This is the largest battery cell available on the market today for Ego Batteries and will grant you more then enough battery life. The battery will also come with a USB charging cable. Overall the Cartisan Ego Family has proven time and time again to be one of the highest quality 510 batteries on the market.


  • Press the button 5 times to power the Cartisan ego Spinner 1600mah battery on/off
  • Screw on your 510 threaded atomizer or cartridge.
  • Adjust the dial on the bottom of the device to your preferred voltage and vape!
  • To charge the device, unscrew the 510 thread atomizer and attach the 510 thread USB charger included with the device. Plug the charger into a USB port 1 Amp or lower preferably a computer or laptop.

Package Contents:

  • 1x Cartisan Ego Spinner 1600mah battery
  • 1x USB charging cable

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