Fler Oil Disposable Vape (Empty) 2ml PreHeat

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Fler PreHeat - Empty Disposable Vape Pen for Oil 2ml

The Fler PreHeat is an empty oil disposable vape pen, designed for people who want to vape their own oil, such as CBD or Delta-8. Enjoy smooth delivery and robust flavors, with the effortless convenience of a throwaway disposable vape pen. Empty oil disposable vapes are for perfect for oil connoisseurs, who want to experiment with their own strengths, flavors and strains of thick oil. 

The device has a sleek design and features a single button. Double-click the button to activate the pre-heat function - which is great for thicker oils, and for vaping in cold weather. Holding the button down for 30 secs activates the auto fire protection safety feature, meaning the device won’t light up in your pocket. The Fler PreHeat device features a Hexagonal-shaped viewing window, allowing you to see how much oil you have left in your device, so that you never run out! The Fler PreHeat features a 1.4Ω ceramic coil, which activates the full performance from your oils, and delivers full flavor.

To fill the device, inject oil in the top, and click the mouthpiece cap on. Note: These devices are intended to be single-use disposable devices. Once you have filled the oil tank and placed the cap on, it will not be able to be refilled. You will however be able to recharge the 350mAh battery, so you can vape until you’ve used every last drop. Once you’re finished, simply throw the device in the trash!

Fler PreHeat Oil Disposable Vape (Empty) Features:

  • Allows one-time fill
  • For thick oil: CBD, Delta-8
  • Sleek ergonomic design
  • Oil viewing window
  • 2ml capacity
  • LED light
  • Single button
  • Ceramic coil for flavor
  • Pre-Heat feature
  • 350mAh battery
  • Rechargeable Micro-USB


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