Legal Hemp Co. THC-O 950mg Cartridge

FLAVOR: Gorilla Glue
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Legal Hemp Co. THC-O 950mg Cartridge

Legal Hemp Co. THC-O Cartridges are 510 vape tanks pre-filled with a new hemp cannabinoid, THC-O. THC-O is a brand new compound that is more potent and stronger than regular Delta 8 or Delta 10 and is still legally compliant. THC-O provides delightful and powerful effects that will leave you in a wave of euphoria and relaxation. Legal Hemp Co. Vape Cartridges have 950mg of THC-O. 

Try them out in some of these exotic strains: 
  • Pineapple Express
  • Strawnana Haze 
  • Maui Waui
  • Blue Zkittlez
  • Gorilla GLue 
  • Grandaddy Purple
Package Contents: 
  • 1x Legal Hemp Co. THC-O 950mg Cartridge 

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