Moon Men 2g THCA Moon Rock Pre-Roll

Flavor: Alien Cookies
Sale price$5.00


THCA Pre-Rolled Moon Rock Joints

Introducing the THC Blend pre-rolled Moon Rocks joint, a masterpiece in cannabis luxury. Enjoy in 1.5 grams of Premium Moon Men Indoor Flower, a mouth-watering fusion of rich flavors complemented by deep earthy undertones. Each joint is expertly cloaked in 0.25 grams of premium distillate oil and crowned with a radiant sprinkle of kief, crafting a potent, unforgettable experience.

  • Pre-rolled THCA joints
  • Each joint is 2 grams
  • Moon Rock joint rolled in Keif

THCA Strains:

  • Pluto (Indica)
  • Snowman (Hybrid)
  • Star Dawg (Sativa)

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