Pulsar 510 DL Variable Voltage Vape Pen

COLOR: black
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Pulsar 510 DL Variable Voltage Vape Pen

The Pulsar 510 DL is a discreet, variable voltage 510 cartridge vape device - Disguised as a Disposable Vape! The Pulsar DL features a quality metal exterior that gives it the appearance of a traditional disposable vape in order to keep your cartridge vape session on the down low.

Simply, remove the magnetic base and attach your 510 threaded cartridges for subtle hits on the go.

The DL Vape Pen takes auto-draw technology to new heights by  allowing full control through the power of breath. Turn the pen on and off with 5 quick puffs and change the voltage settings with 3 quick puffs. The Pulsar DL also has a pre-heat mode which can be activated with 2 short puffs to prepare your carts for the next rip.

Pulsar 510 DL Vape Features:

  • 510 cartridge vaporizer
  • Variable voltage settings
  • Disguised as a disposable vape
  • Sophisticated auto-draw technology
  • Pre-heat mode

Pulsar 510 DL Package Includes:

  • Pulsar 510 DL Battery
  • Bottom Magnetic Connector
  • USB-C Charging Cable
Pulsar 510 DL Cart Device Review Video

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