Quick Fix Plus Novelty Synthetic Urine

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Quick Fix Plus Novelty Synthetic Urine

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Kit 6.3 Plus (Spectrum Labs) is the perfect remedy for you.

The kit includes:

– 3 oz of synthetic urine

– a heating pad

– a plastic temperature strip

– easy to follow instructions

Keep your medical history private and buy Quick Fix Synthetic Urine 6.3 Plus (Spectrum Labs) – our fake pee contains everything you’ll need to pass that dreaded urine test!

Spectrum Labs synthetic urine has all the ingredients you will find in natural urine, including:

– proper pH levels

– specific gravity

– creatine/creatinine

– urea and uric acid in every batch

This laboratory-created toxin-free clean urine that is ready to be used and does not require any mixing. The new Quick Fix formula is a pre-mixed, unisex blend that can be used both by males and females.

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