Auxo Cira Kit

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Auxo Cira Kit

The Cira by Auxo is a premium electronic dab rig with precise temperature control. This is an e-rig designed for the ultimate concentrate lover. The Cira is packed with a bunch of features that makes this device great, with precise temperature control, long-lasting battery life, an OLED display, and a beautiful bubbler piece. Powered by two 2200mah batteries, this rig can be used for up to 30 sessions before needing a charge! This massive battery allows for greater control of temperature; the Cira can range from 450-1000°F catering to the most discerning vapers.

Powered by Auxo Heating Wire Technology, the Cira is able to maintain a precise and accurate temperature. The OLED display is easy to read and the Cira is simple to set and use, just set the desired temperature with the (+) or (-) buttons and double click the power button to begin heating. The Cira Glass Mouthpiece is perfect for cooling the smoke and giving you a smoother and cooler hit when using the Cira. The Cira comes included with a convenient charging base, just simply rest the device in the base and it'll begin to charge. You can even use it on the charger while it charges! 

Auxo Cira Features: 

  • Powered by Dual 2200mah Batteries
  • Up to 30 Sessions or more on a full charge
  • Heating Range: 450-1000°F
  • Powered by Auxo Heating Wire Technology
  • 20-sec pre-heat option for shorter preparation time
  • Extended Heating Mode (15-sec) for longer enjoyment or sharing
  • OLED Display
  • Comfortable design
  • Included Charging Base

Auxo Cira E-Rig Package Contents: 

  • 1x Auxo Cira Device
  • 1x Cira Glass Mouthpiece
  • 1x Charging base
  • 1x Charger
  • 1x Titanium Coil
  • 1x Quartz Coil
  • 1x Carb Cap
  • 1x Carb Cap Tether
  • 1x Pick Tool

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