Lookah 710 Dish Quartz Coil Type A

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Lookah 710 Dish Quartz Coil Type A

These are the official replacement coils for the Lookah Swordfish, Lookah Seahorse X, and the Lookah Mini Unicorn. These coils are a 710 thread connection and as the name states, the dish at the bottom is made up of crushed quartz. The crushed quartz material is abrasive, making it easy for your concentrates to cling to the dish. Quartz is also known for producing super flavorful rips. This coil is considered to be a "coil-less" structure meaning that there is no metal coil heating up the dish and your waxy concentrates will not come into contact with metal. When any concentrate comes into contact with heated metal wires the waxy concentrate tends to burn instead of vaporizing, resulting in a harsher and less tasteful rip. 

The Type A Dish Quartz Coil features a large surface to vaporize larger amounts of concentrates, the extended surface allows for more evenly heated waxy concentrates. The Type A Coil also features airflow holes around the perimeter of the quartz dish, resulting in more airflow as you inhale, therefore producing massive rips worthy of any cloud chaser. 


  • 710 thread connection 
  • Made up of crushed quartz 
  • "Coil-less" Structure
  • Compatible with Lookah Swordfish, Seahorse X, and Mini Unicorn 

Lookah 710 Dish Quartz Coil Type A Features: 

  • 360° Airflow allows for massive rips and larger clouds.
  • Large surface area for evenly heated material 
  • Quartz dish for more flavorful rips 

Package Contents: 

  • 5x Lookah 710 Dish Quartz Coil Type A

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