Lookah Turtle 510 Cart Battery Vape

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Lookah Turtle 510 Cartridge Battery Vape

The Lookah Turtle is a boxy cart battery vape. It takes most 510 thread 1G carts as well as wider 2G carts. The protective shell of the device body wraps around and protects your cart - Just like a protective turtle shell! The Turtle shell is held in place magnetically, giving a layer of protection to your precious carts, whilst being easy to remove.

Under the hood, there's a 400mAh battery capacity. The device is fast USB Type-C rechargeable. You can choose if you'd like a mellow hit, or strong potent clouds by selecting from the 3 variable voltage presets;

  • 3.2V - Blue LED
  • 3.6V - Purple LED
  • 3.9V - White LED

The Lookah Turtle has dual-activation technology. This means you can activate the vape either by pressing the power button, or by simply inhaling on your cart mouthpiece. The bottom airflow hole will deliver a great draw. This versatility lets you choose how you prefer to vape! The Turtle measures just 41mm x 24mm x 63mm in size. This compact device size is great for stealthy vaping as it's easy to conceal and stash away!

How to Use Lookah Turtle:

  • Remove magnetic shell and screw in your 510 compatible cartridge
  • Slip the shell over the cartridge, and the magnet will snap it into place
  • Press the power button five (5) times within 2 seconds to turn device on
  • The LED indicator lights will flash three (3) times to show power is on
  • To change the voltage, press the power button two (2) times within 0.8 seconds:
    • Mode 1 - Blue - 3.2V
    • Mode 2 - Purple - 3.6V
    • Mode 3 - White - 3.9V
  • Auto Heat/Session Mode: Press the power button three (3) times within 2 seconds to activate
    • The indicator light will flash pink
    • The vape battery will auto-heat for 10 seconds
  • Inhale Activation Mode: The vape will automatically activate and heat the cart as you inhale from the vape cartridge
  • Button Activation Mode: Press and hold the button for up to 10 seconds as you inhale from the vape cart. After 10 seconds, the device will stop heating and return to standby mode
  • When you have finished vaping, you can press the power button five (5) times within 2 seconds to turn off the device

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