Ooze Gusher Globe Atomizer

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Ooze Gusher Globe Atomizer

All Ooze Gusher Vaporizer parts are built to last, but concentrate build up can get nasty, and hand-blown glass isn't indestructible. Luckily, we have replacement concentrate atomizers in stock so you can get back to dabbing your favorite concentrate or extract. The Ooze Gusher Globe is made of hand-blown glass with stainless steel tip. This replacement pack includes a globe and dual quartz rod coils, for the ultimate vaping experience.

Product Features:

  • Gusher Globe
  • Coil Base
  • 3 Dome Dual Quartz Coils
  • Dual Quartz Rods
  • Titanium Coils
  • Wickless
  • Dome Ceramic Protector
  • Hand Blown Glass
  • Stainless Steel Tip
  • Optimal Airflow

Package Contents:

  • Gusher Globe Atomizer
  • 3x Dual Quartz Coils


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