THC, HHC Blend Dispo Vape 3G Cereal Labs Baked

Flavor: blue razz
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THC, HHC Blend Disposable Vape 3G by Cereal Labs Baked

Introducing the Cereal Labs Baked Blend. This dispo weed pen features the baked blend 3G of THC Blend and Delta-8 in a beautiful ergonomic white disposable vape with LED light indicator. The carefully crafted THC blend live resin comes in 10 juicy flavors guaranteed to light up your tastebuds (see below).

The Cereal Blend THC vape features a single button operation which is extremely easy to use. 5 consecutive clicks will turn on/off. then press the button while inhaling to enjoy! The cereal labs 3G dispo weed pen also features pre-heat functionality that can be activated with 2 clicks.

The Cereal Labs live resin vape pen packs a carefully crafted blend of HHC, THC and Delta 8. Benefits of Delta 8 THC can include feelings of improved mood, happiness, creativity and relaxation. But there are also possible side effects to be aware of including paranoia, dizziness and nausea. 

Cereal Labs Vape Flavors:

  • Blue dream
    • A dreamy combination of blueberries, refreshing pine, with notes of citrus
  • Cherry lime gelato
    • A creamy balance of tart and sweet, with notes of cherry, lime and berries
  • Cinnamon crunch
    • A blend of warm cinnamon and brown sugar, evoking nostalgia for a classic breakfast
  • Cookies n clouds
    • An indulgent blend of creamy vanilla ice cream and chocolate sandwich cookies
  • Crispy pebbles
    • A fruity, cereal-like taste with hints of cherry, citrus, and berries
  • Lemon pound cake
    • Bright vanilla cake paired with tangy lemon glaze
  • OG kush
    • A soothing earthy flavor with hints of pine and spice
  • Pineapple express
    • Uplifting earthy tropical flavor of pineapple and papaya
  • Purple punch
    • A sweet, earthy blend of grape and mixed notes.
  • Blue razz
    • A refreshing blend of sweet blueberries and tart raspberries

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