Penjamin Cart Pen - 510 Stealth Battery

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Penjamin Cart Pen 510 Battery

The Penjamin cart pen battery is the original, patented design on the block. The Penjamin isn't just disguised as an everyday pocket ink pen. It actually is one! Slip the pen out of your pocket, twist the tip, and you have a fully working pen to write your shopping list with. This super stealthy design allows you to take out your cart battery in public. Without anyone knowing it's actually an oil cartridge vape! 

The Penjamin performs well has a battery for your oil cartridges. It is Micro-USB rechargeable, and the package includes a charging cable. Choose between the 3 temperature settings, by clicking the fire button 3x times. The temperature setting is indicated by the color LED light:

  • Low Temperature: Green LED
  • Medium Temperature: Blue LED
  • High Temperature: Red LED

The clever design isn't just stealthy, it is also functional. The cartridge is fully concealed within the body of the Penjamin device. This protects your cart from accidental damage. The removable mouthpiece tip covers your cart mouthpiece, ensuring it doesn't get clogged up with fluff when you're not using it. The single firing button is easy to use, and the button is disguised as the pen's pocket clip!

There is also a pre-heat function to make sure your hits are smooth and consistent. Simply hit the fire button 2x times to activate preheat. The pen has a universal 510 thread for cartridges. It comes with an adapter for smaller 0.5g cartridges. The creative minds at Smyle Labs have crafted the perfect gift for your accountant or librarian friends. It's a truly stealthy AND functional battery for cartridges!

Penjamin Cart Pen Includes:

  • 1x Penjamin Cart Pen
  • 1x Micro-USB Charging Cable
  • 1x 0.5g Cartridge Adapter

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