THCP Cart 1G Perfectly Pure P's

Flavor: Blew Berry
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Pushin P’s Pure THC-P Cartridge | 1g

Step into the future of THCP enjoyment with Pushin P’s Pure THC-P vape cartridge – an exhilarating experience that transcends the ordinary. This 1-gram cartridge packs a punch, boasting pure THC-P without any Delta-8 interference. Feel the potency, embrace the flavor, and elevate your high with strains like Blew Berry, P.B. Breath, and Multi Melonaire.

Experience the true essence of your chosen strains with Pushin P’s glass cartridge. This premium glass material ensures that the flavor profile remains unaltered, providing an authentic and robust taste with every draw. Experience the following juicy strains;

THCP Cart Strains

  • Blew Berry – Hybrid
    • Harmonious hybrid, offers balance
  • P.B. Breath – Indica
    • Calming indica, soothes the mind and body
  • Multi Melonaire – Sativa
    • Energetic sativa, fuels creativity and focus

Pushin P’s Pure THC-P Cartridge introduces a revolution in pure potency. This cartridge contains no Delta-8 ensuring an unadulterated THC-P experience that’s perfect for those seeking the pinnacle of cannabinoid exhilaration. Bid farewell to compromises. Pushin P’s ensures that their Pure THC-P Cartridge is free from D8, allowing you to indulge in the purest form of THC-P without any interference. It’s a commitment to delivering an unparalleled high.

Savor every moment with a full gram of premium THC-P goodness in each cartridge. Pushin P’s ensures that you have enough to share or keep the joy all to yourself – the choice is yours. It’s an invitation to experience indulgence on your terms. The official Pushin P’s brand only deal with perfectly pure THC-P!

Prepare for liftoff as Pushin P’s Pure THC-P Cartridge takes you to new heights. This cartridge is engineered for those who appreciate a very potent high. Embrace the intensity, enjoy the clarity, and let the THC-P deliver an experience like no other.

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