Twenty One THCA Liquid Diamonds Disposable 3g

Strain: AK47
Sale price$13.00


The Twenty One THCA 3 gram liquid diamonds disposable is hands down one of the most potent disposables on the market! Each Twenty One disposable features 3 grams of potent THCA Liquid Diamonds in a beautiful, rechargeable, 25W device.


  • THCA Liquid Diamonds
  • 3ml / 3g
  • 25W Device
  • 0.8ohm ceramic coil
  • preheat button
  • rechargeable via USB-C


  • Ak-47 (sativa dominant)
  • OG Kush (indica dominant)
  • White Runtz (indica dominant)
  • Pineapple Express (sativa dominant)

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