Yocan Dyno C-Tube Tip Coils

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Yocan Dyno Coils C-Tube Ceramic Tips

These replacement coil tips are designed for the Yocan Cylo electric nectar collector. This pack of 5 coils are made of ceramic, and deliver clean and smooth dabbing sessions.

The premium ceramic tips slowly and evenly heat your waxy concentrates. This allows your wax to be heated and subjected to a wide range of temperature profiles. This releases the full potency and flavor profiles from your wax!

These coils have magnetic connection - which eliminates the need to twist when replacing them, as with 510 thread and 710 thread coils. The magnetic connection makes it quick and easy to remove and replace your coils, if you want to swap them or clean them.

This magnetic connection also makes it easy to keep your coils clean, as there are no threaded cracks for waxy residue to built up in. Simply wipe the flat magnetic surface, and it’s clean!

Yocan Dyno Coils Package Contents:

  • 5x Yocan Dyno C-Tube Tip Coils

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