Yocan Verve 510 Cart Battery

Color: black
Sale price$8.70


Yocan Verve 510 Cart Battery Vape

This 510 cart battery vape proves that looks can be deceiving! Intentionally designed to look like a nicotine disposable vape - this stealth cart battery conceals your oil cartridge, so you can vape 510 oil concentrates in peace. The device body is held on by a sturdy magnetic connection that is easy to remove to access your cartridge. The chamber is deceptively roomy, comfortably fitting 2g carts!

The device body is made from aluminum which is strong and lightweight. The casing completely encapsulates and protects your cart from accidental damage. The ergonomic design is comfortable to hold, and there's a range of attractive colors to choose from.

The Yocan Verve battery has a 400mah capacity. When you run out of power, the simply plug in a USB-C charging cable for fast charging. The Verve is inhale-activated. You don't need buttons to activate the features - Inhale 2x to activate pre-heat function, and inhale 3x to change the voltage setting. There are 3 variable voltage presets which are indicated by color LED;

  • 2.6V - Blue LED
  • 3.2V - Green LED
  • 3.8V - Red LED

The Yocan Verve battery is perfect for beginners. It's easy to handle and operate. But most of all - The concealed incognito design looks great!

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