Yocan Ziva Pro - Stealth Cart Battery

Color: gray
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Yocan Ziva Pro - Stealth Cart Battery Vape

The Yocan Ziva Pro has arrived - and it's beautiful! The improved version of the Yocan Ziva has a 0.69” OLED display screen, a lightweight aluminum body, and wide voltage range of 1.8V - 4.2V. The internal battery is 650mAh with a rapid USB-C charging port. The Ziva Pro is auto-draw activated and has a pre-heat feature.

The Ziva Pro has a stealthy design that looks like an Elf Bar disposable vape. Your 510 thread oil cartridge is concealed within the durable aluminum body of the device, which protects your cartridge from damage. But pull the magnetic base connection away from the body, to reveal your cartridge. The device will comfortably fit larger 2 Gram cartridges.

The Yocan Ziva Pro has a wide voltage range of 1.8V - 4.2V. Having such a wide range gives you precision control over your experience, and you can find your exact favorite heat level. Using a higher voltage will produce more vapor with potent effects, and a lower voltage will produce more flavor but thinner clouds. Hit the touch button 2x to activate the pre-heat function, and 3x to change the voltage. Your voltage setting will be indicated on the OLED display screen alongside the puff counter and battery level.

There are a range of stunning colors and bright transitions. Try the Yocan Ziva Pro now!

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