Randy's Inspo XL Stealth Cart Battery + Wax Pen

COLOR: Noir Black
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Randy's Inspo XL Cart Battery + Wax Pen

The bigger version of the Randy's Inspo is here! The Randy's Inspo XL retains most of the features of the original Inspo - But it has a larger device body. It will comfortably fit even large XL size 3g carts! Giving you more oil to enjoy before having to refill.

The Randy's Inspo XL is a multi-function concentrate vaporizer. It has a universal 510 thread. You can screw in 510 oil cartridges up to 3 grams in size. Or you can pack wax into the 510 wax atomizer (included). The sand quartz wax atomizer delivers the purest of experiences when vaporizing your waxy concentrates.

The Inspo XL has a built-in 650mAh battery which is USB-C rechargeable. The stealth design of the device both conceals your cart from view, and helps to protect your cart from damage. There are 3 voltage settings to choose from. Your voltage heat setting will be indicated by the color LED light;

  • 2.8V - Green LED
  • 3.4V - Blue LED
  • 3.8V - Red LED

Another feature that sets the Inspo XL apart from the original, is the slide locking feature! This manual lock switch securely attaches the base of the device, to the device body. This ensures that the device stays securely attached. The Inspo XL has a stealth design. It has been carefully crafted to look like a fruity disposable vape. So although you'll be vaping 510 carts or the 510 wax atomizer - Onlookers will assume you're holding a nicotine vape! There are a range of device colors to choose from;

Randy’s Inspo XL Colors:

  • Winter blue
  • Lilac purple
  • Spring green
  • Noir black

Using the Randy’s Inspo XL is super easy. The device has a user friendly auto draw activation. Simply puff on the mouthpiece to turn the device on! There’s a button on the base of the device - Press the button twice to activate the pre-heat function. The pre-heat function will deliver 1.8V voltage for 15 seconds. To adjust the voltage, either take rapid draws or press button 3 times within 1.5 seconds. The color LED light will indicate your heat setting.

Randy’s Inspo XL Package Includes:

  • 1x Randy’s Inspo XL Device
  • 1x Randy’s Sand Quartz Atomizer
  • 1x User Manual

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